Although this is an adorable, cute and funny video, it also hints at the fact that many of us are not willing or able to accept help from others, never mind ask for it.

Any successful person will tell you in a heartbeat that without the help of others they would not have accomplished nearly as much as they have. Everyone who’s achieved something great – or just even just good – has many people to thank. Have you ever watched an awards speech? Some people are grateful to be the ones thanked instead of the one standing in the limelight, but they can only help if you let them.

“Let those around you help and accept it with gratitude.”

Those who are capable of accepting the support of others stand the best chance for success. But it’s not easy to accept another’s help, because we may feel that it somehow lessens our accomplishment.


My challenge to you today is to say “YES” to someone who is offering their support, and maybe even ask someone for support. We’re not alone in this world for a reason, so let those around you help and accept it with gratitude and open arms.

I love using videos like this as tools, so whenever you feel your resisting the support of others, think of this adorable little girl and remember to say a big, grateful “YES” when someone offers to help!

If you know someone who finds it difficult to accept help from others, please share this message. There’s nothing wrong with us all depending on each other now and then!