This is a heartwarming story of a dog named Rosie being rescued from a life on the streets.

I wanted to share it because as a new puppy parent (that’s my Toby below) I’m amazed at all the things I learn from being connected to their world on a daily basis.

TobyThere are so many things they do instinctively that we humans sometimes need to be reminded of, or that we take years to learn. Not only has Toby taught me many lessons in his short time with us so far, but the stories I encounter – like this one – continue to enlighten me and provide a reminder of the kind of person I want to be.


Here are a few things this story helped me remember:

  • Sometimes it hard for us to accept help, but we have to learn to say yes more and trust more.
  • Be gentle with everyone you meet; you never know what they’re going through.
  • The power of motherhood knows no bounds. Whether you’re a pet mom, an adopted mom, or any other kind of mom, the instincts are in you.

Enjoy this beautiful story and I hope touches you as much as it did me!