leap-of-faith-smHave you ever said things to yourself like “I could have, I should have, I would have if…”? We’ve all done it. Saying “YES” sometimes requires a leap of faith. When was the last time you took one?

For some it’s exciting, and for others it brings great stress. I’m writing this to encourage more of you to try it sometime. For me a leap of faith is simply trusting in what will be and trying something new. It’s basically saying YES to the unknown – but it takes practice. Many of us have to overcome our fear of the unknown. Giving power to that fear can be stifling and leave you with a lifetime of wishing you had done more to live fully.

When overcoming any fear, it’s good to start with small steps. So start with something simple like committing to a small project with a friend or group you belong to, or maybe taking a class to learn something new. Also, if you have someone to share the leap with it’s not as daunting. When you hear yourself saying things like “I could have, I should have, I would have if…” just remember, YOU control the little voice in your head; it doesn’t control you!


So say “YES” and take a leap! And I’d really appreciate it if you’d help inspire others by sharing your leap in the comments below. Maybe you’ll help change their inner voice from “I could have” to “I can do that too!”. You’ll learn more from having some successes and failures than you ever will from standing still.