Seeing all the children growing up so fast at holiday gatherings is always a reminder of just how quickly time passes. In the life of a child, a year marks such a dramatic change.  

But time really passes at the same pace for all of us. We just don’t see the dramatic change in ourselves unless we’re making progress toward our goals. It’s not always easy, so look for the little changes and celebrate each one, because the sooner we acknowledge and celebrate it, the sooner we begin working toward the next one. 

Joni Mitchell’s song “Circle Game” celebrates the passage of time in a child’s life. But “the seasons, they go round and round” for all of us and I hope it serves as a gentle reminder that the world keeps on turning and if you have dreams to pursue, a small step each day will get you there. And for those who don’t have lofty goals to pursue, it’s perfectly ok to watch and support those you love who do, especially the children. They need that from you, and that in itself is a worthy goal!



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