ValuingSeniors-1Every society treat its elders a bit differently. Many value and respect the experience and wisdom they offer and seek them out as important mentors and valued leaders of the community. But some see them as a burden and don’t understand their value, so they’re sometimes overlooked or under-appreciated.

I’m sharing this video to help promote more respect and appreciation for the contributions our elders have made and to help people understand the value they continue to offer. Many suffer in isolation and lonliness and feel forgotten by society.

I encourage you to seek out the elders in your family and community. Show them they’re valued and that they matter. The history, stories and wisdom they have to share is important, so ask them some questions and then offer the patience to really listen. You’ll be amazed by what they have to offer. It’s an invaluable gift and it’s yours for the asking!


This video is from Wish of a Lifetime, granting wishes for senior at www.seniorwish.org. Visit their website to see the wonderful work they do. My wish is that all seniors feel loved and valued.