Felimina Rotundo is yet another inspirational person with a Begin with Yes attitude, who obviously acquired it long before Begin with Yes was even born! At 100-years-old, she works more than many of us do. She doesn’t do it because she has to, but because she is able to, and she really enjoys it!

She says that eventually she’ll retire, but while she is still able to work she doesn’t see why she shouldn’t. What’s more, she takes her life and her job one day at a time. Doesn’t that philosophy sound familiar?

We could all learn something from Felimina. As long as you are willing and able to do something, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! That may be playing a recreational sport, traveling, or hey, even working at the age of 100! You may slow down a bit along the way, but that doesn’t really matter. Find your passion, pursue it and never let it go!


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