It’s difficult to give our veterans all the thanks and care they deserve. And those who return from war with physical and invisible wounds especially need our support.

PTSD-postimgI know there are many challenges faced by our veterans, but this particular video inspired me to do a little something to help. It’s a compelling example of the effects of PTSD and I wanted to share it to help create awareness and offer my humble support.

Bringing visibility to the issues veterans face helps spread the compassion for their needs, but they also need positive messages and encouragement.


Toward that end I’m offering a free copy of Begin with Yes to all veterans and current service members (see link below).

I ask that all of you join me spreading the word by sharing this powerful video to create more compassion for those suffering with PTSD.

I also want to give a big shout out to the amazing therapy dogs and those who care enough to train them. Your effort does not go unnoticed!

To all veterans and current service members, please accept this free download as my personal thanks for your service and sacrifice.

Free Begin with Yes Download