Kids have many influences along their path to adulthood. They learn from their parents, grandparents, friends, and if they play sports, they learn from their coaches too. They should all be lucky enough to have a coach like this one, Peter Morales, of Coronado High School in El Paso, Texas.

Mitchell Marcus is the team manager and team motivator, and he also has an intellectual disability. For the last game of the season the coach told him to suit up, and when he finally got into the game his teammates gave him the ball… but he couldn’t score. That’s when Jonathon Montanez made something special happened.

I don’t want to spoil the video, so I won’t say any more, but after you see it please share it with any kids in your life. Let this be a lesson for them and an inspiration of how to act if they’re ever presented with the opportunity. It’s heartwarming to see such an act of unselfish compassion and kindness. These are the kind of kids we need to raise today!


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