One thing is for sure: without some risk there’s no reward.

Achieving our goals takes a certain amount of risk, and the level of risk we’re comfortable with varies for each of us.

Factors such as our true desire to accomplish our goal, the level of security we feel in our lives, or our innate fear of stepping outside of our comfort zone all play a part in our willingness to take risks.

If you’re not used to or comfortable with risk, start small. As you realize that the downside typically isn’t nearly as bad as it seemed, you’ll grow more comfortable and increase your chance of success.


Another important factor to consider how much effort to put into analyzing the risk. Nike’s famous tag line, “Just do it”, it a great thought to keep in mind. Sometimes it’s better when you don’t know what you don’t know,  because the more we analyze things the more paralyzed we become.

Consider this video. If this mother duck had analyzed the risk of crossing a 4 lane freeway in heavy traffic with her 10 little ducklings in tow, do you think she would have done it? I know it doesn’t seem like a smart decision anyway, but it’s just to make a point about how analyzing risk can stop you in your tracks.

What risk will you take today?