When was the last time you ran through the rain? As risks go it’s not a big one, but it may be just the one you need.

Taking risks is the only way to move forward. But sometimes our mind makes a mountain out of a molehill and we struggle with a minor risk that could move us forward. Learning to take risks by starting small builds our confidence and shows that many times failure is really not a bad thing. You learn, adjust, and are more prepared for the next one.

By seeing rain as an opportunity instead of a nuisance, the people in this video enjoyed a fun, rainy afternoon. So practice seeing a challenge as a chance to move forward instead of staying stuck, and you can enjoy your own version of a run through the rain too.


What are you waiting for? Let this video inspire you to say “Yes” to running through the rain, or taking whatever the small risk is that’s been holding you back. You can do it, and you’ll be glad you did!