This is a touching story of how your spirit and presence live on even after death, and some of us are lucky enough to touch total strangers’ lives even after we are gone. It is a beautiful thing to be loved so deeply that your husband plants a 4-mile stretch of your favorite flowers on a road in town for travelers to enjoy every day.

At Begin with Yes, we are all about taking small steps to achieve an overall goal. Can you imagine how many steps it took to plant this many flowers? But look at the final product! What’s even more amazing is that planting those flowers was also a step in this man’s grieving process. Sometimes, steps for different goals may overlap, and what a wonderful thing it is to take one small step towards two different goals.

You never know the effect you may leave on those around you, so it is important to give this life your best shot, be kind to others, and don’t hesitate to go to an extreme to show your love for someone and gratitude towards others. It not only will lift your spirits, it will lift the spirits of those around you, too!


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