When was the last time you went for a good walk? Not just to get from point A to point B, but a walk to connect with the outdoors and your community. If your answer is, “I don’t remember”, then it is time to change that! Even if your answer is “Just this morning!”, I urge you to make your next walk an even more meaningful experience.

Walk2Connect is an organization based in Denver, Colorado that hosts several walks a day all around the city. The mission of the walks is to bring communities together and to experience “life through the eyes of a pedestrian and a community member”. There are people of all ages and abilities who participate in these walks to simply enjoy the beauty of nature and others around them.

Could you start this in your community? The next time you go for a walk, see if anyone would like to join you. You’ll be amazed at the new experiences you can have if you just say YES to switching up your routine and allowing yourself to embrace the different elements of nature that your own neighborhood and community has to offer! 



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