Amidst all of the horrible actions that are occurring around the world right now, it is important to remember that there are still wonderful people all around us.  A police officer in Vancouver, Canada went undercover in an attempt to catch someone who was taking advantage of people in wheelchairs. Although “Operation Wheelchair” didn’t catch the person, it turned into a wonderful social experiment about how the general public treated a physically and mentally disabled community member.

He posed as a vulnerable man in a wheelchair with a brain injury, and he left a camera and money visible for anyone to see. To his amazement, every single person that stopped to talk to him was kind and didn’t try to steal anything from him. One man even zipped up his pockets to conceal the money, and another prayed for him.

We’re bombarded with so much negativity in the news and on social media, and it’s always refreshing to know that such raw, random acts of kindness play out in our communities every day. What’s something that you could do today to make your community a better place tomorrow? Say YES and make it happen! 



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