You’re probably reading this post from a phone or computer. As grateful as I am for the time you are taking to read my blog, when you’re finished, try unplugging from technology for a while and spending some quality time with your loved ones, or even just by yourself. 

Dinner time is the perfect time to be technology-free and enjoy one another’s company. Try to really see the difference that engaging in conversation makes. I know many people who say that dinner is the most important time for their family, as it’s a chance for everyone to sit down together and talk while enjoying a meal, and I couldn’t agree more! With today’s fast-paced world, it gets harder and harder to find a half an hour each evening to unplug from technology and sit down as a family for dinner, but we all need to try.

I challenge you all to find the time to eat at least one meal (or three if you’re lucky!) together as a family. Family is not defined by a mother, a father and children. Family is defined by YOU. So go get your family and enjoy a meal – and some real conversation – together!



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