Can music change your life? This music can!

Start with a free download of “This is Just My Day Job”.

LivingWithADream-FrontCoverMy goal with Begin with Yes is to inspire people to act, and my new Living With a Dream compilation is about using music to inspire that action. Even a small step or two can get you started!

These songs all have powerful inspirational messages, and every time I listen I find new ones.

As you listen to each song, take note of what it makes you feel, and then, in true Begin with Yes fashion, take action on that feeling.


Whether it’s doing something to move your dream ahead or something to help someone else – like an encouraging phone call – act on the inspiration. Sometimes inspiring someone else is the small step that inspires us!

I personally selected these songs from among thousands that were submitted, and I know that every song will inspire someone. Start with a free download of “This is Just My Day Job”, and check out the rest of the songs while you’re there.

YOUR SMALL STEP WILL INSPIRE OTHERS! So join me on Facebook and share what action you were inspired to take. Someone will read it and say, “I can do that!”

Listen. Be inspired. Then make it happen!