Seeing the woman in this video release her cane reminded me of how we all have crutches – excuses –  that we use from time to time. They help us avoid putting the effort in to accomplish something, but they also hold us back. Some are physical crutches that we make up – like being too weak, too big, too old – and others are mental crutches – like not smart enough, not talented enough, or not educated enough. 

When we find the courage to release them – just as this woman released her cane – we grab the potential to accomplish our goals. Letting go of things that hold us back, especially things of our own making, gives us power. 

Watch this video and then take a few minutes to make a list of some of the things that are holding you back. Some may be very real, but many are not. And even the real things should be looked at closely, because many people find that desire and determination can overcome physical limitations in ways they never imagined! Give yourself the time to do this exercise… you’re worth it!


La juventud se lleva dentro

¿Existe una edad para dejar de bailar? Esta jovencita demuestra que los años son cuestión de actitud

Posted by Antena 3 on Thursday, January 7, 2016