Natalia Armoza’s daughter, Pearl, has Cerebral Palsy. One day, while wishing that her daughter could take part in activities like most other children, she decided to write a letter to the New York City Ballet. Her letter said, “It would mean so much to my daughter, and children like her, to be able to take part in a New York City Ballet workshop, and for one day, feel like they too could become ballerinas.”

The NYC Ballet contacted Joseph Dutkowsky, MD, a Cerebral Palsy specialist, and asked him if he’s help them set up a workshop for children with disabilities. He immediately said “YES”, without hesitation, and they planned four workshops. The video below shows how amazing the results were for everyone. 

This program exemplifies the power of saying YES. Those involved didn’t know what to expect, but their hearts were in the right place and it all came together wonderfully. When your opportunity to say YES comes around, don’t hesitate and you’ll likely have the experience of your life. 



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