Screenshot (44)PeaceLove is an organization that supports mental illness by helping people create works of art to express themselves. So many people in this world struggle with some form of mental illness, and many do not know what to do to help themselves.

Jeff Sparr found that in his own battle with mental illness, painting cultivated hope. He co-founded PeaceLove for other individuals suffering from mental illness so that they could also be inspired to heal and communicate emotions in a way that words never could. This is an inspiring organization that promotes the importance of taking care of yourself and the idea that not everything needs to be perfect for you to be okay.

It is okay to take baby steps to get where you need to be. Much like painting and other works of art, these things are not completed in just one day. You know those adult coloring books that have become so popular recently? They may be on to something.


 To learn more about PeaceLove, visit their site at PeaceLoveStudios.com