9cca4b1b65e9f30fe64b4d4320dadc06We’ve all been told that we will never be able to do something. We’ve all been told we’re either too short, too heavy, too weak, too young or too old to accomplish a goal. And here is the miraculous part: many times, it’s the voice inside our own heads filling us with that self-doubt.

I know that big changes can seem daunting and they don’t happen overnight. Whether you want to get in shape, learn a new skill, make new friends or take that dream vacation, there are lots of steps required. But they seem much less daunting when you focus on only taking one at a time, so take first step and the next one will appear. 

One question I get asked often is “Where do I start?” While it takes many steps to achieve a goal, the very first step is believing you can. Remember, there is no “Can’t” in “Can”, but there is a “Can” in “Can’t”! Watch this and be inspired, because I know you can do it! 



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