Who of us hasn’t ever dreamed of being a princess, a warrior, or a king? I am willing to bet that each and every one of us have daydreamed about it at least once. Maybe those daydreams only occurred when you were a child, but this event in a shopping mall allowed people of all ages to tap back into that daydream!

Imagine just walking through the mall, minding your own business and trying to get some shopping done. All of the sudden, your shadow turns into Cinderella, or the Hulk. That is likely to bring out the child in all of us, even if just for a moment!

This video shows how much fun complete strangers can have with one another when the common denominator is childlike magic. When is the last time you really let your hair down and let yourself be free? Don’t wait for your shadow to turn into a Disney character to give yourself a break and have some fun; do it now!



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