Lots of us wouldn’t have imagined ending up in the career that we’re in now. At 10-years-old, when someone asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, professions like doctor, teacher, sports player, veterinarian, astronaut and fire fighter were often thrown around. But how many of us fulfilled those dreams?

If you are one of the few who fulfilled their childhood dream, good for you! If you are among the many of us who did not, what stopped you? Remember all those strong, vivid daydreams you had of being a life-saving doctor, a game-winning sports player or a ground-breaking astronaut? Tap back into that imagination you had all those years ago, and see where it takes you!

In this cute yet inspirational video we see young girls living out their dreams, but the message can really apply to all genders and ages. It is important to never give up on yourself and to understand that the world really is your oyster. You don’t just have to imagine all the possibilities, you can make them a reality, too.



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