You must always remember that no matter what, you are allowed to do what makes you happy, and you are just as entitled as the next person to go out there and do it.

Just because you aren’t a good dancer doesn’t mean you can’t join a dance class; just because you’ve had the same career all your life doesn’t mean that you can’t give something else a try; and just because you are blind doesn’t mean you can’t explore the world while participating in extreme sports.

Danny Kean proves that doing what makes you happy is possible for everyone. Watch, believe, and begin!


The spectacular trip of a blind tourist in Québec

#Montréal #Plaza #Rafting #Basilique #NotreDame #Hotell #Canada Here’s Blind Love, the spectacular video of a blind tourist who discovers Québec. Try the complete interactive experience at https://www.quebecoriginal.com/en/bli....You may find the described video at http://bit.ly/1RRzOFx.Blind Love features real American tourist Danny Kean, who’s been blind since birth, as he’s followed by a video crew during his first trip in Québec. We see him pilot a helicopter, paddle with the whales, zipline above Montmorency Falls, river raft and ride a roller coaster.Go to QuebecOriginal.com to enjoy the interactive experience produced by Tourisme Québec. In twenty video capsules, you can alternate between the points of view of Danny and his engaging Québecois guide.

Posted by Martín Correa on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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