635765767606781599-CaptureA lot of times in our careers we get caught up in our day-to-day tasks and don’t pay attention to the world going on around us. It happened to these construction workers on a job, just like it happens to all of us. However, as these construction workers were completing a job right next to a children’s hospital they were greeted every day by children waving from their hospital room windows. Seeing the children’s enthusiastic waves and smiles reminded them of the struggles going on around them every day.

One little girl pulled at their heartstrings more than usual. They looked for a way to give her and her fellow patients more than just a friendly wave. What they came up with meant more to her family than they ever expected.

It is amazing what simple kindness can do. Think of all the simple ways that you can brighten someone’s day quickly, but powerfully. Maybe it’s paying for coffee for someone behind you in line, bringing home your housemate’s favorite dessert, or sending a sweet handwritten note to a loved one. All of these are quick, easy acts of kindness that can truly change someone’s day for the better. Let’s get out there and brighten someone’s day… I bet they deserve it!



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