We’ve all passed through neighborhoods before where children are excitedly flagging you down to sell you a cup of lukewarm lemonade for 50-cents. And if you’re like me, you’ve definitely stopped at one or two of these stands to help the cause and brighten the children’s’ day.

But have you ever seen a lemonade stand with children who are passing out free lemonade to promote kindness and brighten your day? With the help of her father, a little girl does just that in her neighborhood, and brings joy to a lot of passerby!

This is an inspirational story that brings a huge smile to my face and lots of inspired ideas running through my brain about what other simple, fun things can we do to bring joy and promote kindness in our communities. Remember the ripple effect that even a small smile can have, and now think of what kind of waves we could be making if we did something more! Figure out what your own “lemonade stand” is, and don’t be afraid to share it!



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