Saying “YES” to your life doesn’t have to be so hard, but sometimes we make it that way. We set our dreams aside for all sorts of things we call reasons, situations, justifications, rationalizations, or circumstances. But in the end, they’re all really excuses. They exist in our mind and they limit us. 

And these limits that hold us back seem so real. We created them. We gave them power. We believe them. We tell others about them too. What’s hard for us to realize is that we can also remove them. But removing them can be both empowering and scary, because when they’re gone we have to begin to take steps forward. 

Take a minute to think about some of your self-imposed limits. Start to push back on the things you tell yourself. Tell others all the things you CAN do, instead of what you can’t do. Remove your limits and you’ll start to change what you believe about yourself. To get you started, here’s an inspiring example of someone who knows how to remove limits. 




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